Alloy Wheel Specialists in Bristol and Basingstoke

We understand how important your alloy wheels are to your car. Not only do their lightweight material make for better handling and responsiveness when driving, but, let’s be honest, they just make your car look that much better.
Frankly, there’s nothing quite like a good set of alloys to enhance the way your car looks and feels.

Alloy Wheels can be delicate

Like all things precious, alloy wheels can be delicate things and, on occasion, prone to damage that can affect the overall aesthetic.
Dents, scratches or cuts can appear from loose gravel or stones, or sometimes even a seemingly innocuous bump against a kerb or pothole can cause a dent or other blemish to your alloy wheel.
Of course, as with any other part of your car, over time, the general wear and tear of being on the road can also start to diminish any alloy wheel.

Restore your alloy wheels to their former glory

If your alloy wheels are showing signs of wear and tear or if they\'ve suffered some damage along the way then it’s likely that your first instinct will be to have them replaced.
However, as you’re probably all too aware, this can be quite a costly action to take. Most alloy wheels are on the expensive side and if you’re looking to get a like-for-like replacement then it can be a process that will likely take its toll on both your time and your wallet.
Which is the reason why many are now turning towards repair and restoration of their alloys.
At MyAlloys we offer a first class alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service through a variety of different techniques that can be tailored to suit the needs of the job.

Experienced Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Repairing alloy wheels is something of a specialist task and not every car body shop has the facilities to carry out the job thoroughly.
Here at MyAlloys, we are specialists in the field of alloy wheel refurbishment.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you have the peace of mind that your wheels are being treated by an expert in the field, able to offer advice on the techniques available and the results you can expect.
Based at two locations: Basingstoke and Bristol, we serve Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bristol, providing an on-site service in workshops custom designed specifically for alloy wheel refurbishments.

Step-by-Step Restoration of your Wheels

Our process is methodical and dedicated to ensuring the best results every time. The workshops are divided into task specific areas:
The Preparation Bay
The Tyre Bay
The Spraying & Powder Coating Bay.

A First Class Service from the Moment You Arrive

At MyAlloys we provide a complete, thorough and professional service to ensure that we deliver the best results possible with each and every one of our clients.
Our workshops at Bristol and Basingstoke are both fully equipped to carry out a full range of alloy wheel refurbishment services. These include:
One Piece Standard Powder-Coated Repairs
Two Piece Split Rim
Three Piece Split Rim
Diamond Turning
Motorcycle Wheels
Ally Wheel Repair / straightening service

With a team of dedicated professionals on hand to provide a full, you can expect friendly, professional approach from consultation to conclusion, including:
Consultation from an alloy wheel refurbishment specialist to ensure we have the full details and requirements of the job.
You will be advised of the technique which best suits your circumstances
You will be provided with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate for the job, including both cost and time.
Our client’s cars will have their own dedicated areas, treated with the care and attention you would expect and stored securely within our premises until the job is completed.
Whilst you might find some mobile alloy repair businesses offering quick cosmetic restorations using some form of epoxy resin and lacquer technique, at MyAlloys we provide a full service, stripping the wheel right back and applying new long-lasting coatings to provide durability and extra protection for the alloy itself.

Give Your Alloys the Love they Deserve

If your alloy wheels are starting to look just that little bit jaded, or if they\'ve been damaged and are in need of a new lease of life, why not give the professionals a call, or better still, come along to your nearest branch and let us take a look.
Alloy wheel refurbishment is a cost effective solution when you’re striving to return your car’s appearance back to its best; we’d love to help you out.

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MyAlloys in Basingstoke is ideally located on the borders of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, with Junction 11 of the M4 within easy reach and Junction 6 of the M3 just five minutes drive away. Easily accessible for the towns of Reading, Newbury, Andover, Winchester, Farnham, Camberley, Guildford and surrounding areas.

MyAlloys in Bristol is about 500m from the A4320 roundabout with Whitby Road, 3km from M32 Junction 3 and 10km from M4 Junction 19.

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