General Data Protection Regulation

In line with the current General Data Protection Regulation MyAlloys Ltd have reviewed their current practices and looked at how personal data is collected and stored.

  • We will always ask for your permission before gathering any information from you
  • We will always respect your personal information and your privacy
  • We will store any personal information securely and only keep records for an appropriate length of time
  • We will destroy paper copies in a confidential manner
  • We will never share or sell your information to other organisations
  • You can update how you would like to hear from us at any time
  • We will report any breaches of privacy

At any point you have the right:

  • To see what information we hold for you
  • To correct any of the information held
  • Top have any information removed from our records.

Website and Social media accounts

From time to time MyAlloys Ltd will post testimonials and customers photos onto our website and social media accounts. We will only ever display some basic information about you on our website i.e your first name and where a vehicle is pictured license plates will always be obscured.  

At any point you have the right:

  • To see what information we are going to display on the website or social media accounts;
  • To correct any of the information shown;
  • To have any information (if any) removed from the website or social media accounts.

To ask for a review or deletion of your information or if you have any other GDPR related inquiries please contact the GDPR Manager by email ( or by phoning MyAlloys Ltd on 01256 329 444.

MyAlloys Ltd are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.