We have been in the automotive industry since 2003 as a bodyshop and whilst carrying out this business recognised the need for superior alloy wheel refurbishment services.  A powder coating plant was set up in order to provide this.

In 2008 we renamed our business to ‘MyAlloys,’ and have gone to great lengths to continually improve our service and fine tuning the process by replacing old machinery with top of the range specialised machinery.

Expanding into bigger and better premises, from a 2000ft2 unit to 14000ft2 we now have dedicated ‘rooms’ such as The Spraying/Powder Coating Bay,  Prepping Bay, Tyre Bay and Welding/Straightening Bay all separate from each other to keep the production as smooth and efficient as we can.


Continually striving to produce innovative ideas, one of MyAlloys biggest investments was to design a bespoke chemical stripping plant which was installed in 2014/2015.  Not only improving the service we offer, the new plant is more environmentally friendly and safer than the harsh acid widely used throughout the industry.

Moving forward we are transforming the business to represent the vast knowledge and expertise we have in the alloy wheel market.  We now sell both OEM and aftermarket wheels, complete with tyre packages and accessories.

MyAlloys is constantly evolving to remain market leaders in the ever changing motor industry.