Why fit winter tyres??

With colder weather fast approaching its important to give your car a once over.  As well as filling up your antifreeze and checking your windscreen wipers its a good time to give your tyres some thought.

With a higher natural rubber content that helps to keep the tyres softer in colder conditions and a specially created tread pattern, Winter tyres are designed to deal with wet, icy, snowy and cold conditions below 7ºC, providing shorter breaking distances and superior traction and handling.

We found this short video that helps to explain the difference between normal summer tyres and winter tyres.

Ensure you stay safe on the roads during the winter months with a wide range of winter and standard tyres available from MyAlloys Ltd. Premium brands such as Pirelli and Goodyear or budget alternatives can be supplied and fitted at competitive prices on a next day service.(Prices for a popular 205/55R16 premium tyre start at £125+vat each, budget brands are available from £45.95+vat each. A small fitting and balancing charge may apply.)

Don’t forget that here at MyAlloys we will always take care to not damage your wheels in the fitting process and if new tyres are combined with a refurbishment you can save up to £50!

So why not contact a member of the team today on 01256 329 444 for an instant quote.  Alternatively complete the form below and a member of the Team will get back to you.

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While you are here, have you ever thought about what you would do if you had a blow out on the road? Why not have a look at our Space Saver Breakdown Kits, available to fit most cars, easy to store in a convenient carry bag. Click here for more information or contact a member of the MyAlloys Team for pricing.

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