Please take a look at some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below. If your question still isn’t answered please feel free to contact a member of the Team on 01256 329 444 or

What makes MyAlloys different from mobile alloy wheel refurbishers?
Mobile refurbishers carry out cosmetic repairs which means they lay new products over the top of old and do not strip the wheel right back. MyAlloys strip the whole wheel and refurbish the entire area.

How long will the repair take?
Depending on the service required, a standard refurbishment will take approximately 3 working days to turn around.

Are there secure facilities for keeping my vehicle stored overnight?
Yes, the workshops have been inspected by our insurance company and have been approved for security. We have full public liability insurance.

How much is the cost?
For a fully stripped and powder coated standard finish alloy a typical cost is from £55.00 + VAT.

Is there anything I need to bring with the car?
Yes, items such as the locking socket and centre cap key provided with the car.

Will I get a guarantee on the work carried out?
A one year guarantee is offered with standard powder coated alloys. No guarantee/warranty is offered on a diamond turned, welded or straightened alloy.
Please Note: if corrosion is present there is no guarantee that the corrosion will not reappear at a later date.

My tyres are losing air and I’ve been told this could be due to corrosion. If this is correct and the wheel is refurbished will this correct the problem?
Yes, this can possibly be the problem and a refurbishment will nearly always solve the issue, but there is no guarantee that it will.

What is the difference between Standard and Split Rim Alloy Wheels?
Split rim alloys show a circle of bolts around the rim and construction is comprised of two or three parts.  Standard alloys are solid throughout.

Are you able to straighten alloy wheels?
Yes, MyAlloys can straighten wheels in the majority of cases, but if they believe the buckling is too bad will suggest the purchase of a new wheel.

Can MyAlloys Weld Wheels?
Yes, but will only weld where the integrity of the wheel is still intact.