With over 11 years experience, the MyAlloys Team are specialists in the powder coat refurbishment service offering exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

The majority of wheels come in what MyAlloys would term ‘standard powder coated’. This is a finish that is carried out in a straightforward all over powder base, with a standard manufacturer colour and a clear acrylic powder lacquer.

We can finish, in the majority of cases, using the same colour to match the original but often customers decide to change the colour of their wheels out of preference and this could be an option we are more than happy to discuss. If a specific colour is chosen which is different from the range of our standard options then an extra charge per wheel would be applied.

A one year guarantee is offered on a standard powder coated one piece wheel.

In the case of all two piece and three piece split rims, the wheels must be brought into the unit for assessment and advice.

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